• Request, Access, Integrate and Earn.iDealFeeds is an automated content distribution platform that offers a robust coupon and discount aggregation solution with a technologically advanced API. iDealFeeds’ technology directly connects to the most efficient and advanced affiliate networks worldwide and provides promotional content, such as coupon codes, discount offers, and exclusive deals.
  • FormatiDealFeeds combines thousands of merchants from over 10 affiliate networks in its API, providing reliable XML, JSON, and CSV coupon and discount feeds for Data Subsrcibers.
  • QualityDeal Experts at iDealFeeds clean, edit, and categorize each offer to create high quality data feeds.
  • ProcessiDealFeeds provides flexible data feeds in real time. Once integrated, Data Subscribers receive data seamlessly, allowing the latest deals and content to update automatically.
  • DynamicSimplicity is the trademark of our coupon feeds. With iDealFeeds data feeds comes the flexibility in choosing your preferred affiliate network merchants and integrating them into your website, app or blog.
  • Rich DataiDealFeeds offers data feeds containing all the major categories including, travel, lifestyle, fashion, gadgets, grocery and more.

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