About Us

iDealFeeds is an automated content distribution platform, providing a robust coupon and discount aggregation solution for international news media, discount and coupon sites, industry leading blogs, mobile application developers, social networks, and shopping comparison apps.

iDealFeeds’ technology directly connects to the most efficient and advanced affiliate networks in Asia, providing promotional content, such as coupon codes, discount offers, and exclusive deals. The data feeds combine 1000s of offers across more than 3000 merchants and over 10 affiliate networks.

iDealFeeds consolidates, cleans, validates, standardises and transforms the deal content into easy-to-use XML or JSON feed. Our simple and robust content delivery system feeds your website with deal data, and our scalable architecture ensures the high availability of content without compromising the quality.

iDealFeeds' knowledge system constantly segregates content, simplifies, categorizes and verifies deals to keep your website updated round the clock with monetized data. Choose from our Monthly Subscription DataFeed, Partner Subscription DataFeed or Bespoke Deal Content service, iDealFeeds is current available in 7 countries: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

The iDealFeeds Team

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